Physical Education




At Priestley Smith we aim to provide a PE curriculum that supports children with a visual impairment while giving opportunities to discover and get involved in a extensive range of activities.

We give every student in the school access to specialist PE; staff at least one PE session a week and one swimming session a week. On top of this, pupils in the primary department can access soft play, specialist coaching staff and donkeys. In the secondary department pupils can access dance, football and judo clubs outside of lessons. Our Sixth Form follow a different curriculum designed to meet the needs of the group. It provides a wide range of activities, theory lessons, gym sessions and time at the GMAC centre in Birmingham.

The curriculum incorporates sports that would be seen in a mainstream education. This includes athletics, striking and fielding, gymnastics, football and health and fitness. We also include team building and minor games which teaches the children skills they will find useful across the curriculum and outside of school. The school also promotes specialist teaching in sports that are adapted for visually impaired children such as Goalball, Blind football and Judo. The swimming sessions take place weekly at Wilson Stuart School in a specialist built swimming pool.

The school is always building strong links within the sporting community to benefit of developing sport for the visually impaired. We work closely with the Albion Foundation, the British Judo Association and are developing links with Goalball UK.



Birmingham VI Judo Club


The Birmingham Visually Impaired Judo Club started life as a extra-curricular club to introduce a small collection of pupils to the sport. It is now in its fourth year and has grown from eight pupils to over twenty visually impaired young people. This club, as far as we can tell, is the only club in the country to specialise in the Paralympic sport of visually imapired judo. We have already won medals at mainstream tournaments and helped another pupil start attending his local mainstream club. We aim for our students to be the paralympic stars of the future.

Judo is an excellent sport for the visually impaired for many reasons. Apart from all the positive impacts that sport can make on any young person judo can also improve a child’s spatial awareness, confidence, communication and social development.  It is one of the few sports that allows the visually impaired pupils to train and compete against their sighted peers.