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Garageband and accessibility 

The new state of the art Apple Mac suite at Priestley Smith allows all pupils to make accessible music. Children learn ‘qwerty’ shortcut keys to make music in the popular garageband app. Using Apple’s built in screen reader called ‘voice-over’ pupils can sequence several tracks of music together using their own ideas or choose samples from a library of pre-programmed loops.




Pro-Tools and the visually impaired community

Pro-Tools is a music program which is fully accessible for blind and visually impaired children. This music sequencing program allows pupils to achieve higher standards in their GCSE coursework.



Music Performance at Priestley Smith School

Pupils at Priestley Smith school have opportunities to take part in live performances around the city. Here is a video of the school band ‘inner-vision’ performing a song called Grenade (by Bruno Marrs) at Sutton town hall.


Year 13 'The Infinity Project'

Year 13 ‘The Infinity Project’