In September 1991, Priestley Smith School introduced a Dress Code which, thanks to the valued support of parents, proved to be extremely successful. There have been subsequent additional choices and amendments to this code in response to requests from the School Council.

The following represents the choices available as of September 2009.

Boys Uniform Boys P.E. Kit
Dark Grey or Black Trousers Plain White T-Shirt
White polo shirt * Plain Dark Shorts
Maroon sweatshirt* White Socks
Black Socks Trainers/Plimsolls
Black Shoes Tracksuit (optional for outdoor use)


White Shirt and Tie with Black Blazer plus School Badge*

Girls Uniform Girls P.E. Kit
Dark Grey or Black Skirt or Trousers Plain White T-Shirt
Maroon Cardigan Plain Dark Shorts or P.E. Skirt
White polo shirt* White Socks
Maroon sweatshirt * Trainers/Plimsolls
White Socks or Black/Neutral tights Tracksuit (optional for outdoor Black Shoes use)


White Blouse and Tie with Black Blazer plus
School Badge*

(*Available from the School)

In both Primary and Secondary departments students may wear short sleeved shirts/blouses in summer and girls in primary may wear red and white checked dresses.

All children will need a swimming costume and towel.

Should pupils be required to wear head coverings, e.g. turbans or patkas, for cultural/religious reasons, they may do so. Some girls may choose to wear their traditional clothes, e.g. shalwar, kameez and dupatta or scarf, in which case the shalwar and dupatta or scarf may be black or maroon but the kameez must be maroon.

Pupils will not be allowed to wear jeans or tracksuits around school for their normal lessons.

Children will be expected to wear a weatherproof coat/jacket in bad weather.

Children are not encouraged to wear items of jewellery in school. Children who have had their ears pierced may wear stud earrings only.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child s name.