Physical Education in Early Years and Infants

P.E is delivered through National Curriculum Programmes of Study which are highly to meet the needs of children who have visual impairments. By using adapted and specialist equipment the children are able to access all aspects of P.E which include the following areas:

  • Early Games Skills – invasion – sending/receiving; travel/retrieve- using large balls
  • Dance – movement to music
  • Gymnastic Activities – travel, jump, balance.
  • Early Games Skills – net/wall – using bats and balls, balloons, bean bags.
  • Early Game Skills – Striking/fielding – turn taking; scoring.
  • Athletics Activities – running, jumping, throwing.


The children are encouraged to develop body awareness by participating in warm up action songs and cool down activities in every lesson. They participate in simple skills practises to promote body management skills, spatial awareness and increasingly controlled actions using a variety of hand help apparatus.

All pupils are taught to take care of equipment and also to move and work safely in the P.E environment.

The children also attend weekly swimming sessions at Wilson Stuart School and visit the EST Donkey Sanctuary in Sutton Park to ride for one session per week.

Playtimes provide daily opportunities for the children to be physically active under the supervision of Play Leader who organises a range of activities with game equipments.

Pupils are entitled to a P.E programme which caters for their individual needs, offers appropriate access and enables them to participate fully. Priestley Smith School offers P.E opportunities for all pupils to develop their physical skills and to apply those skills in different situations. They are encouraged to face up to different challenges as individuals and in groups and teams.

The children are encouraged to participate in active and healthy lifestyles through P.E lessons and everyday play activities.