Mathematics lessons at Priestley Smith School aim to be lively, engaging and involve a carefully planned blend of approaches that match the learning of the students. Mathematics is a combination of concepts, facts, properties, rules, patterns and processes.


Teachers provide students with individually differentiated activities that encourage students to work with confidence and independence in these areas. The pitch and pace of the work is sensitive to the the rate at which the children learn while ensuring that expectations are kept high and progress is made by all students. In lessons the skills and knowledge that students are expected to learn are clearly defined. They know that they can discuss, seek help and use resources as and when they need to.

Students enjoy opportunities to practise and apply their learning. every time children identify their attainment and recognise the progress they have made in line with targets set by the teacher. They support one another in group work and are happy to share their ideas and to explain their reasoning and methods. Children who need more support than others are identified quickly and receive early intervention to help them maintain their progress.