History at Priestley Smith Primary School is based mainly around first hand experiences and the differentiation of subject materials tailored to pupil’s individual needs.  In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, History is taught via a cross curricular approach through the topics: Myself, Autumn, Christmas, House and Homes, Spring, Pets, Growth, Summer and Our Environment.  The children explore real artefacts such as old toys that belonged to the teachers and items that they used when they were babies.  Foundation stage have been for a trip on a barge to support a topic on power. They also made wind mills and kites. Key Stage One have been for a ride on the Severn Valley railway to support a topic on steam trains.  Key Stage Two study a wide variety of topics which include, Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Kelts, Victorians, World War Two and Ancient Greeks. They then were able to differentiate and discuss the difference in artifacts, the material that was used and then were able to create their own after gaining this knowledge. Key Stage 2 have visited RAF Cosford and Hanbury Hall as part of a topic on World War Two and then visited a variety of places so the students knew how the Victorians lived.  All materials are differentiated according to the needs of all ability levels and adapted to accommodate the needs of individual pupils.


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