Geography at Priestley Smith Primary School is based mainly around first hand experiences and the differentiation of subject materials tailored to pupil’s individual needs.  In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, Geography is taught via a cross curricular approach through the topics: Myself, Autumn, Christmas, House and Homes, Spring, Pets, Growth, Summer and Our Environment.  The children explore maps that are embossed to allow tactile access and tactile globes to find out where they live in relation to rest of the world.  They explore the local environment with walks to the local play area, shops, rides on the bus to Asda and trips to a nearby park.  We also make use of sound recordings of different locations and discuss comparisons and differences. Key Stage One have been on a trip to Heart Park Beach so they could compare the physical features of the beach to their local environment.  Key Stage Two study Weather around the World, Basic maps and plans, Route Finding, Rocks and Soils, Mountains and Rivers and Passport to the World.  They have visited Think Tank to examine the different types of rock and attended a residential by the beach and compared this contrasting area to where they live.  We use tactile maps and plans, models and first hand experiences.