Travel to and from the school is organised by the Habilitation Team based at the school and the local authority Travel Assist Team with parents wishes in mind.

Children of primary age are normally brought by taxi or minibus to school. They will have an escort with them, in addition to the driver.

At Secondary level again many children travel to and from school by taxi or minibus, but some children may use public transport with a guide. This is useful training for the day when they learn to travel independently, following successful completion of the relevant mobility training. There are also some students who have learned to travel home school routes independently who may travel daily or just on some days, or even just afternoons. It is important for students to prepare for adulthood in this way,  but parents will be consulted throughout to ensure the student’s best interests are protected.

Transport for sixth form pupils can also be available. Parents of post 16 pupils are expected to make a financial contribution towards transport.

The Habilitation Team will advise and assist with transport applications.

All travel Assist Policy documents can be found here 

If you wish to obtain your own application form you can download one here .  You will still have to send the form to school for the Habilitation Team to add additional information and submit electronically.