Behaviour Policy

Priestley Smith School aims to create an atmosphere and environment within which each child feels happy and secure. The school has clear rules which are fully understood by the students and has in place behaviour and anti-bullying policies to ensure that excellent behaviour is maintained. A strong atmosphere of praise and reward is evident throughout the school.

Children are expected to conduct themselves at all times, in and out of school, in an orderly fashion that shows consideration for others and brings credit to their families, to the school and to

School rules exist to ensure each child’s safety and wellbeing.

Rules relate to:

  • Conduct, relationships and appearance.
  • Movement around the school.

Copies of these rules are available to parents upon request.

Behaviour within Priestley Smith School is excellent, as recognised by Ofsted in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015. Students work extremely well with each other. They are protective of one another, sensitive to each other special eye conditions, and behave considerately at all times…classrooms are harmonious, good-humoured places of learning.

Priestley Smith School exercises its right to restrain children on very rare occasions if they provide a threat to others, themselves or property. The school has a physical intervention policy which is available for parents’ inspection and staff have taken part in specialist training.

Minor transgressions are normally resolved by the teacher concerned, year tutor or departmental head. Usually a reminder of the rules, a reprimand or discussion is sufficient. Persistent difficulties may require greater sanctions and will involve the parents being informed of measures to be taken.

Should these measures fail and the child continues to operate outside the rules of the school or causes intolerable stresses for other children and staff, the child may be excluded from school for a fixed term period.

The school follows an officially agreed procedure for exclusion of a child that involves parents. Parents have the right to appeal to the Governors of the school to have their child re-admitted.

Our behaviour policy is shown below.

Behaviour Policy 2017