Attendance Information

If a child is absent from school through illness or for any other reason it is important that parents/carers notify the school on the morning of the absence and that they return to school with a written note from their parent/guardian explaining the reason for absence.

All planned medical appointments etc should be notified in advance.

By law, annual holidays should not be taken in term time. It is not true that pupils are entitled to 10 days extra holiday each year. Birmingham Education Authority follow a strict policy about not allowing holidays in term time and the school adheres to this policy. In exceptional circumstances, such as family bereavement, the headteacher can allow a short amount of time out of school, but these exceptional circumstances do not include availability of cheaper holidays, poor weather in school holidays or overlap with the beginning or the end of term. In exceptional cases, the school should be notified in advance and the permission of the Headteacher obtained.