Preparation for Adulthood

Have you thought about life after school?

What do you need to know to make a successful transition to adulthood?

image of 2 students carrying boxes onto campus

College students holding cardboard box and back pack moving in to the university campus

Aimed primarily at students, this information will also help parents support and guide their vision impaired child to greater independence.

A series of articles and links will appear here divided by topics to make it easier to search for the information you want.  Eventually this information will be available in booklet form that  you can download or print off.  This type of information may change.  So keep checking back for updates.

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Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing 

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RNIB Transition Guide: Bridging the gap

front page of briging the gap bookletThe RNIB has produced this transition guide to outline support and services available to young people with vision impairment seeking to move from school to college,  or higher education or employment.