Activities to do at home

I’m Bored….. 

Inexpensive Suggestions for entertaining children with vision impairments during holidays

Each activity  is designed to specifically enhance your child’s development in some way as well as being fun.

Christmas Holidays are coming!

What about making your own scented decorations?Photo of a Christmas tree with dried orange and cinnamon stick decorations

Looking for a fun activity to do with the family this Christmas? Sarah-Jane Wood, a teacher from RNIB College Loughborough, talks through how to make scented decorations.

Here are a couple of simple colouring pages for you to download  christmas colouring

Or maybe you would like to make some 3d festive characters. Xmas-printable-conesFree printable 3D Christmas characters! Finger puppets, tree decorations? How will you use yours?

Just print them out, grab some scissors, glue and coloured pencils and then you can…

  • Use them as finger puppets to act out a Christmas story
  • Add name labels to their tummies to make festive seating markers
  • Thread string through the top and pop them on the tree as extra decorations
  • Sit them on the mantle piece – maybe add a little glitter?
  • Line them up and play miniature skittles!










SNOW DAY ACTIVITY; painting in the on the picture to find an entertaining snow day activity.  Paint the snow or decorate your snowman.  Adds great contrast.

Painting in the Snow

What you need for painting in the snow:

Liquid food colouring
Squeeze bottles

Fill the squeeze bottles with water, then add 10 drops of food colouring. Shake to mix well.

Do you want to build a Snowman?  Click on the picture to try this cotton wool pad snowman.

Or how about making some Puffy paint Snowflakes? Click here

Or maybe this lovely puffy paint snowman.

Gloop: Hand strength, counter  tactile defensiveness









                                                                 Scarecrow Shapes  shape, colour,  hand strength and fine motor skills







Blow football fun

So,  what about home made blow football?   Follow the link to the video on the Duplo facebook page to learn how to make your own version with duplo or lego or download  Make your own blow football game.  If your child has some useful vision,  choose colours that they see best. Improve fine motor skills and hand strength by getting him or her to help build the pitch. Use it as a chance to work on colour recognition too. Blow  football is a fun way to improve oral motor skills,  to help you child chew and swallow.