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So what enables them to achieve such impressive results with customers? It's also universal height, which essentially ensures it's ADA compliant and more accessible to all. Consumer feedback - Always take your time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning a specific toilet. Whilst the majority of homes will be suited for a 12 inch rough, there are plenty that require a 10 inch rough and in rare cases, 14 inches. It's suitable for standard twelve inch roughs, has a water surface area of 7-7/8 by 9-13/16 inches, and a water level of 5-7/8 inches. TOTO MS604114CEFG#11 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated. MaP flush rating - These ratings should be used as part of your research into flushing power. The toilet I decided to go with for the kids’ bathroom was the Toto Drake II CST454CEFG#01. No tricky bolt system to fight with, as you might find in a skirted toilet. Making the correct choice can be the difference between something that lasts you a decade and something that becomes faulty after a year. If your a fan of smart devices within the home, you will love what the Neorest has up its sleeve. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the best model. Any evidence left in the bowl of prior use washes away with hardly any effort at all. Yes, there is a huge price difference between the TOTO Entrada and Drake model. Below I have images that show the toilet on day one on the left, then day 59 with hard water after our vacation in the middle, and then day 60 after the brief cleaning on the right: For any of you who have ever built a home, you know that budgets are tight, and every little cost is evaluated and stressed over. Toto Drake vs. Drake 2: Two toilets are distinguished by the features, facilities, and flushing power. Aerating water can be chosen through a number of different settings to clean more effectively. Including the additional inch or so a seat brings, this extends slightly, making it a suitable option for people of all abilities. They're often made by a reputable brand and remain affordable. These are categorized as falling in between the seventeen to nineteen inch range and can be a welcome addition to households that have people living there with mobility problems, or even the elderly. The. Alternative brands - Whilst we strongly recommend this brand, you shouldn't really be limiting yourself to analyzing any one particular manufacturer. The Glaze on both of these toilets makes a considerable difference when cleaning. From the American Standard lineup of cost-effective toilets, I chose the American Standard Cadet Pro 215C.A104.020. The toilet I decided to go with for the kids’ bathroom was the Toto Drake II CST454CEFG#01. However, to conform to popular water-saving ideals, American Standard has recently changed this model from 1.6 gallons per flush to 1.28 gpf. It is more powerful and uses less water than the Drake toilet. Where the American Standard toilet has the Everclean finish, Toto offers what they call CeFiONtect finish. But these are exclusive to specific product ranges. But … I install Gerber exclusively and just came across this video which makes me … The simplest, and most obvious forms available include via a trip lever or button attached to the tank. We believe the Eco Soiree will fit the bill for many people, and for that reason it comes in at number three. We also recommend going for a soft closing seat over a standard seat as the noise / damage reduction from this is a no brainer. One thousand being the strongest, zero being terrible. A skirted toilet is a … While the Toto Drake toilets have the same flushing system and similar features, you … In this case only those up to 1.28 GPF qualify. You should be asking that question for every product you research. If I could give the Toto Drake 2-Piece a six in this regard, I would. Hopefully the table below will eliminate that problem. If you're looking for specific details about design features, read on. Toto Entrada Toto - 1.28Gpf - Elongated C244Ef + St243E - Cotton From the Manufacturer. Floor or wall mounted - Choosing between these two styles will come down to how you current bathroom is set up, and design tastes. Once the trip lever is pulled on the tank, dual nozzles inside the bowl, near the rim send 1.28 gallons of water through the bowl which creates a centrifugal rinsing action, that cleans the bowl far more thoroughly. G-Max uses a number of things to achieve a strong, effective flush. We include detailed side by side comparisons, information on the flushing system utilized, the material and shape of their bowls, plus the smaller but important details such as water surface area, gallons used per flush, dimensions, and rough in. This is a excellent eco friendly model. CEFIONTECT glazing is one such example of this, which fights the build up of bacteria on ceramic materials, keeping your bathroom smelling fresher for longer periods of time, and reducing the amount of cleaning required. Home - Knowledgebase About - Privacy & Disclosure - Contact. But, the Toto Entrada toilet has given an opportunity to test their toilets. It has the useful CEFIONTECT glaze finish, which is designed to smooth over and prevent nasty germs buidling up inside the bowl. They are also known for their innovative qualities, consistently looking for new ways to improve their products for the user. What's more, the consumer feedback tends to reflect that on the whole. Toto Entrada … However, readers should note, this means it's not as efficient as eco friendly models, so that's something to consider if that is on your list of priorities. No tricky bolt system to fight with, as you might find in a skirted toilet. With a minimalistic, modern design, and a strong, efficient flush, we believe the UltraMax II could be a smart replacement for any bathroom. The highest rated TOTO toilets generally meet most of this criteria. Toto toilet … Then there is the washlet, which has bidet and heating properties. It depends to a large extent on personal preferences and necessary technical requirements. The water spot measures 8-3/4 by 7-1/4 inches, and has a trap size of 2-1/8 inches which isn't the biggest, but gets the job done. Looking at the general feedback from customers through our various sources, it's quite clear that the CST454CEFG has been well received by the majority. Well speaking from experience, they often produce strong bowl and tank combos built to last, with excellent flushing performance across the board. It's also described by the manufacturer of utilizing an almost commercial grade flushing system, which is quiet an very effective at keeping the bowl clean and free of germs. You don't have to go shopping for all the extra fixtures such as the seat separately either. However, there is also a growing demand for touchless flush toilets which utilize a infrared sensor that senses when your hand passes over it. They are both great toilets, and I would not hesitate to purchase either of them again. Read this Toto Entrada … Some of their collections include Aimes, Aquia, Drake, Ultramax, Promenade, Carlyle II, Maris, Clayton, Entrada, Nexus, Connelly, Soiree, Legato, and Supreme. By choosing a WaterSense model, you stand to save thousands of gallons of water per year and hundreds of dollars in household water bills. Vitreous china – enamel coated after firing which makes a tougher, denser, and shiny product, PowerWash – a circular water flow that helps to scrub the bowl clean after each use/flush; it, EverClean system – this technology helps to maintain a clean surface. It has a two piece design, with a rather uniquely styled tank, and available in a number of different colors including, colonial, cotton, ebony, beige, and bone. Most modern options will be above 400g. This is a trendy model and one of American Standard’s best-selling units. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Whilst not as impressive a spec list as some of its counterparts, you do need to take into account the fact that this model is usually a more affordable option. has a concealed trapway that is skirted and looks great. This is slightly above standard toilet bowl height, and once you attach a seat, it becomes universal height (better known as comfort height). Both toilets came in two separate boxes: one for the bowl and one for the tank. It's available in both bone and cotton, which are great colors to ensure the bathroom looks and feels brighter and more inviting. Overall, the brand reputation alongside the performance and customer reports, ensure the MS604114CEFG#01 ranks highly on our list. Toto Entrada is two-piece single flush elongated WaterSense and comfort height toilet. Flush activation - You should be presented with several ways in which to activate your flushing mechanism. Seat - The toilet seat isn't always included. Looking deeper into this flushing mechanism, it works through a G-Max, gravity fed system, that pushes 1.6 gallons through its bowl. Let’s start with a pretty basic option, … The Drake II has been a best seller for numerous reasons. TOTO toilets are known to perform well, however these two models use different flush technologies. The installation of these two toilets was precisely the same. TOTO Drake Models Creation. Our picks offer a great combination of performance, power, and efficiency. We believe you should be looking for a good balance between the largest water surface areas and the smallest. It features a 800g MaP score, proving this unit is built to handle waste in bulk. And it all started with 2 base configurations and … All of this can be changed up using a easy to understand remote, and is a great way of modernizing your bathroom. If you have elderly people in the household, this could be a sensible feature to choose. TOTO currently offers a number of products that meet the new California Green Buildings Standards Code (known as CalGreen). The American Standard 215C.A104 has been updated and replaced by this elongated American Standard 215C.A104.020 version of the Cadet Pro. The bowls is universal height size, meaning it's ADA compliant and good for the joints and muscles. This unit from the Dartmouth collection is a high profile, two piece toilet, with a wide three inch flush valve and larger than average water surface. Not only does it have a very efficient and effective flush compared to other budget toilets, it has one of the best flushes on the market.As such, you can be sure that nearly every dollar you put into this toilet is going toward a feature which we can all appreciate, no matter our toilet needs. The heavy flush utilizing 1.0 gallons, and the lighter using just 0.8 GPF. Explore all avenues and options before you part with your cash. TOTO Entrada Elongated Toilet. This is a great bit of innovation that adds a touch of convenience. So whilst it has a technological advantage over your standard products, wheres the drawbacks? For general feedback & inquiries, please contact us: Within the United States: TollFree: 1-888-295-8134 Direct: 770-282-8686 International: 001-770-282-8686 The Promenade is a single flush toilet, operating with 1.6 gallons of water on a G-Max flushing system. We take a closer look at the mechanisms and functionality that make these toilets tick below. Whilst our TOTO toilet buying guide is fairly detailed, we don't believe your research should stop there. Outside of that, there are some very interesting features built in that are unique and designed to improve user hygiene and comfort. I had to find out firsthand and install one from each company. They can cost up to 50 dollars extra which can put a dent in your overall budget. More recently, they have manufactured a number of smart toilets, including Neorest, which comes with a built in bidet and several smart features designed to bring the user that added comfort and convenience people look for in a modern household. This post (and a few more to follow), will discuss the products that I chose to install and why. I had a previous Drake model and the Entrada fixes the two minor issues (major to some) of the Drake … The compact nature of such designs means they sacrifice seated comfort for space. Water conservation - A WaterSense sticker will tell you a lot about how much water a product will consume. The Entrada has a single flush of 1.28 GPF, whereas the Rowan is a dual flush toilet with a 0.9 and 1.6 GPF choice. The Aquia Wall-Hung allows your toilet to be … After these tests have been conducted, they give out a score between zero and one thousand. 9.1 Total Score. Additionally, this is an ADA compliant toilet, which essentially raises the bowl height so that they are that little bit taller for ease of sitting and standing. Likewise, an overall positive sentiment is a good starting point in working towards making a decision. Moen Colinet Faucets (with M-CORE) Are Here! We've hand picked and analyzed several of their products below. As far as choosing a favorite between the two, it is almost too close to call. Some options in this regard are the SS154, SS114, and SS304. We also aim to highlight any potential flaws in products. I put this toilet in my master bathroom for no other reason than that I like the shape more. That's because, manufacturers can only put this label on those that meet very specific flushing standards. Where the American Standard toilet has the Everclean finish, Toto … We are currently running a special that can’t be beaten. is a little less blocky, and the fill valve operates a little more quietly. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Having dealt with hard water in virtually every home I have lived in; I was dreading the chore of scrubbing hard water stains from my practically new toilets. Only then can you find a product which you truly believe can be beneficial to you. As far as choosing a favorite between the two, it is almost too close to call. Everybody wants a toilet that rarely clogs. Too many negative comments is immediately a red flag in my book, and usually it means the product should be avoided. We believe that the simplest way to decide which product is right for your needs is through comparing them side by side. It measures 28.8 by 16.5 by 29.4 inches, has a trap size of 7-1/8 by 9-1/8 inches, and a water spot size of 7-1/8 by 9-1/8 inches. Seat isn't included so you'll need to buy that separately. From its base to the tip of its rim, it measures just above sixteen inches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This can be problematic and quite time consuming. The first fixtures I will be highlighting are the toilets. Toto Tip: TOTO has always been an industry leader in green technology. Toto Entrada round and elongated both available at low price. To be among the best residential toilets, you need to have excellent flushing performance, reliability, durability, and comfort rolled into one. It, too, is a hot seller and has the same 1.28 gallons per flush. Required fields are marked *. It's a two piece design, meaning there may be a little more work on getting the bowl and tank attached to one another. Your email address will not be published. It also has a large water surface, which will help with keeping odors to a minimum. Well the main issue for us is they are quite expensive and not ideal for people with a small budget. Easy to install, E-Max powerful flushing system, Universal ADA compliant height and lot more features. A wide, 3 inch flush valve, a large siphonic jet for added power, and a fully glazed trapway that helps prevent clogs. Except for a few models like these, all Toto … Everything was looking good on both sides of the comparison until we went for a few days to visit family. But that still doesn't necessarily mean they are right for your requirements. The TOTO Entrada is a … We've found that useful information regarding features such as dimensions, rough in, water surface, and many more, isn't always available in one convenient location. Toilet Advice may earn compensation through affiliate links on this page. The tanks bolted on easily enough, and I have not yet had a single issue with leaky tanks. Both are designed to keep the toilet cleaner and ensure low levels of maintenance. Toilets that are wall mounted often require rennovation, which naturally comes with the extra costs associated with that. It is only available in cotton white and Sedona beige. It's not always easy filtering out the good from the bad. Both toilets came in two separate boxes: one for the bowl and one for the tank. Much to my surprise, the hard water stains scrubbed off in a matter of moments. They are worth spending some extra time looking into. Having dealt with hard water in virtually every home I have lived in; I was dreading the chore of scrubbing hard water stains from my practically new toilets. Whilst it may be very tempting to go large in this department, doing so can cause performance issues. I like both brands and feel both companies make great products. Toto Drake vs Toto Entrada. and it makes the toilet shine, 4-inch piston-action Accelerator flush valve, Saves 20% water compared to most 1.6 GPF toilets. If you are looking for a nice alternative to the Toto Drake that is both water-efficient and price-friendly then Toto Entrada … To help you choose the right TOTO Drake toilet, it is good to understand how TOTO addresses your needs with each model. As a matter of fact. But first, lets look at the core functions and the specifications. It is a little bit cleaner looking. Even though these toilets have some similarities and differences, overall, the Toto Drake II is considered to be a better toilet than the Drake toilet. Your email address will not be published. If you're looking for a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality, the MS964214CEFG is certainly worth looking into. TOTO Entrada Vs TOTO Drake Be it round and elongated, Toto Entrada offers a lot of great features. The Toto models that come with/without SanaGloss are only a few models like like the Toto Drake I Two-Piece toilet and the TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet. Toto Drake II ADA Toilet. These … You may also like: Toto vs Kohler. A good way to get the full picture in this regard, is to look at what consumers are saying online. Look for common problems. The bowl is ADA height, with a rim height of 16-1/8 inches. You can also control the temperature of the seat for added comfort. It fits a 12" rough, has a beautifully skirted one piece design, and a rim height of 15 9/16 inches. Rough in - A frequent error buyers make is to not look into what your rough in measurement is before going shopping. For this fact, these two models have no noticeable difference. One thing we look for whebn researching is quality, and we're of the opinion that they have quality in spades. A little bit of preparation before you begin will help you avoid getting a toilet which simply doesn't fit. It has a concealed trapway that is skirted and looks great. You can get a rough idea of these sizes using our comparison chart above. At 600g, its flush rating isn't as impressive as some in the industry, however, many professionals agree that anything above a certain range is for show, and those mid range scores of 500g and above are more than acceptable for general household use. It operates on a double cyclone flush system, which uses 1.28 gallons of water every flush. Follow up on these suggestions, see what buyers are saying on online stores. A sensible feature for people who live with elderly or diabled people. It also comes with one year limited warranty. Much to my surprise, the hard water stains scrubbed off in a matter of moments. American Standard Cadet Pro 215C.A104.020, New Brushed Gold Moen Align Kitchen Faucets, Coronavirus Prevention for Schools: Install Hands-Free Drinking Fountains. Hi,Here is our new TOTO Drake 2-Piece Elongated Dual Flush 1.28 GPF and 0.8 GPF Dynamax Tornado Flush Toilet with CEFIONTECT coating. That's exactly what we've set out below, with a in depth look at individual specs of some of the most popular options on the market. Both have superb features. PlumberssStock has been selling toilets from both brands for years, and I’ve been relying on what their sales reps told me and what their product brochures claimed. There are a number of reputable alternatives out there.

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