how to introduce a small dog to a big dog

Feed both dogs in separate locked crates at meal times. Let them explore. We tried separating them in different rooms so that they could sniff each other under the doors. If he obeys and leaves them alone, praise softly and give a treat. How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat | Best Friends Animal Society I am working on the command "Leave it" but I am worried that she is going to hurt my Yorkie. How to Train Your Big Dog to Get Along With a Small Dog. Adopted a Great Dane, needing advice on how to introduce him to older small dog (female).Great Dane is fixed, trained but we are not sure how he is with other dogs. Place: If Abner shows any form of aggression toward you at any point get help with the training from a professional trainer who specializes in aggression, fear, reactivity, and behavior problems - an obedience class isn't the only thing needed - you want a trainer who will work one-on-one and is experienced with behavior problems like aggression in addition to obedience. I've already tried training them together, but it seems once the treats go away he goes right back to playing rough. Hello Dema, I would also calmly reward the fearful dog for acting calm around the Malinios when they are in the same room/general area when you catch that - but without the other's dogs seeing you do so, since you don't want them rushing over for a treat too and starting a food fight. Thresholds: He enjoys being petted while sitting next to me. All of this can actually prevent future issues between the dogs when he hits maturity between 1-2 years, when he is less likely to want to play anyway and more likely to start challenging other dogs - which sometimes leads to fights for some dogs. A child can learn to fear dogs for life. First, work on teaching the dogs the following commands - more on why in a minute: Hello Janet, It also helps pups get used to each other calmly. Caitlin Crittenden. The boxer is the most loving dog a person could have, but their interaction is causing us concern for the smaller dog. Does anyone have any tips on how to train the big dog not to start playing rough with the little dog? He has a lot of social problems. Best of luck training, Use the Surprise method from the article linked below to gradually help him learn to be calm in the crate and to relax by using rewards for being Quiet. He is now 5. Caitlin Crittenden. I suggest hiring a professional trainer who specializes in aggression and behavior issues in this case. Caitlin Crittenden. Especially practice this with the future roommate and her dog!! This could mean have you both dogs on leashes or it could mean having both dogs in crates with the crates side-by-side. Whenever she is calm, relaxed or tolerant of puppy also give her a treat. When you are supervising, teach both dogs the Out command (which means leave the area) and make whoever is causing issues leave the area as needed. You would also want to check with the instructor to make sure some of the dogs in the class will be small dogs in the one you join. I’ve read the article and we definitely tried this, we will continue to try as well, I was going to get her a soft muzzle to just be cautious. Be vigilant and take the pressure off of your dogs - you want them to learn to look to you when there is a problem, and for them to learn respect for each other because you have taught it to them and not because they have used aggression. Be vigilant and take the pressure off of your older dog - you want her to learn to look to you when there is a problem, and for puppy to learn respect for your older dog because you have taught it to him and not because your older dog has had to resort to aggression or she has to hide all the time. Make this time with your little dog and the big dog special by offering them both rewards as they walk together and get to know one another. We tried taking them on a play date at a neutral location (the lake park). Finally, work on manners and building respect and trust for you and your partner, especially if any aggression, pushiness, or jealousy crops up with either dog. Down-Stay: After some commands and treats, bring the dogs closer together to sniff and explore one another. Place: A visit to your vet might also be warranted if training isn't effective - to see if there might be something contributing to OCD - obsessive behavior. Aggressive towards dogs her size and bigger. Finding a good puppy class - no class will be ideal but here's what to shoot for: comes near. We recently adopted a 3yr old German Shepard/Austrailian Shepard mix. Feed all the dogs in separate locked crates - no treats around Indy right now. Leave It method - start with this method. So if you have a small breed, search for something in between small and medium-sized. Go for the same walks, go to the same dog parks, and have your little guy socialize with this big dog. Pups have to learn self-control just like any other skill. How to Introduce Your Puppy to the Older Resident Dog | Cuteness However, she has on/off aggression with my terrier (about 20 pounds). This will distract him a bit with food as well as let him know that there may be more to earn with good behavior. They should turn their attention from one another to you. Repeat socializing these two dogs together in situations where your dog is safe but understands he's a little bit smaller than his new walking buddy. Don't expect them to be best friends right now - the goal is for them to calmly co-existence. Teaching him to generally be calm around all small dogs and kids is better for him long-term for a variety of reasons. Thanks! It's clear that he does enjoy other dogs but needs to know how to make friends. A back tie may help you be less tense or manage the puppy better. It can take up to 30 days or so for dogs to readjust to any sort of change. Your small dog may feel territorial and lash out towards the bigger dog because it feels as if it needs to protect its home from this intruder. She is very obedient towards us and humans in general, but she has an issue with these two. Out command: If your little guy is aggressive and you need to introduce a big dog into his world, socialize your little guy as much as you can away from the big dog. It also helps get them both in a working, more respectful mindset while in the same room as each other. Crate Manners - great calmness and gentle respect building exercise : Prevent puppy from overwhelming your older dog, gradually work on teaching pup boundaries, and reward your older dog for calmness around puppy and tolerating puppy being in the same room well. Hello!We recently got a new puppy (the mini Aussie) and our Maltese, who has been on her own for a while now, is having a hard time adjusting. Winston (our new puppy) is a very good boy and wants to get along with our other two dogs, but Indy (the white poodle) gets very aggressive with him in situations involving food and our other dog Zoe. Leave It: Best of luck training, She's the alpha, or thinks she it, but she gets in his face and growls and it makes him mad, or so it seems. 4. Also, work on both dogs staying on separate Place beds in the same room to teach them to simply coexist calmly most of the time and not always have to be playing. Have people over and practice calm obedience too, with the new people tossing treats to him for his polite behavior. A couple times we had a "sleepover" with my friends dog and she was not having it at all. He can still learn to get along well with small dogs and kids and enjoy them, he just needs to learn to be calmer around them. Practice him being able to stay calm around kids and small dogs by having him on a long leash and walking past other dogs or kids. Place: only walk her, have other owners handle their own dogs. This is my first dog that isn’t a toy breed so this is very new to me. My dog was a stray I rescued so I had to train him on a lot of house rules. Place: Leave It command from the article linked below: This could also mean your big dog plays a little on the same level when you are training them both and work with them at the Do this before pup has mounted your other dog, and not in the middle of a fight! Don't let the puppy pester her but see if she seems aggressive or anxious around the puppy even when he isn't directly bothering her. In the meantime, work on some boundaries between the dogs. A group obedience class is also good. Ok great, thanks for the response. As soon as she starts to get a little worked up (not too much at first), command "Stop" or "Sit" again, then wait, reward with a treat when she calms down, then continue the game after she is rewarded. How to Introduce a Puppy to a Dog (with Pictures) - wikiHow If these are your two dogs they need to know how to get along wherever they are. All the best to you and Stella! Our local dog park does have two sections; one for dogs under 35 lbs and one general larger park. your big dog to get along with a small dog is imperative, especially if you Recently, we brought a rescue male Boxer (Gryff) into the house. After Indy attacks him, Winston starts attacking back and since he is so much larger than Indy, he will pin him to the floor and start biting him, which hurts Indy. Bring food for each dog to the initial introduction of the dogs. A few days have passed and some changes have been noticed, some for the better some for the worst. We've tried a few brief meetings outside between them that starts off ok, but then either she moves too quick or the other dog does that all of a sudden sets her off. The problem I am having with Bambi is her being aggressive towards a new dog. Out command: Training will likely need to be mortified to take extra precautions to keep you safe. Try not to let puppy see you rewarding her though so that he doesn’t run over and overwhelm her. it sounds like puppy is likely already crate trained, but if not Crate training is an important potty training and safety measure for a young pup also. I am nervous because Kylo gets overly excited with him and plays to rough like he doesn't understand it's another dog. I don’t want Samuel to be bullied and I don’t want him to be compelled to fight back in the future as a larger dog. Do not look at them; just try to notice what they do once their treats are finished. There are other situations where we can see she's going to attack if human food is involved, but that is not present in every situation where the big one attacks the small one. They have met before but have been living seperately for the last 2+ years. We own two smaller dogs and we recently adopted Buff, who is much bigger. She was already spayed when I adopted her. I am mainly about Roscoe biting Duncan because of the growling, Hello Ryan, Be vigilant and take the pressure off of your older dog - you want him to learn to look to you when there is a problem, and for puppy to learn respect for your older dog because you have taught it to him and not because your older dog has had to resort to aggression or he has to hide all the time. Best of luck training, Gigi is the leader of the pack and Osito just followes her lead. Use a basket muzzle so pup can still open their mouth and be given treats through the muzzle's holes. Children can be very threatening to dogs. She's done this with our tenants' Great Dane when on leash, but happened to be off leash when they came out one day & she just wanted to play with him. She wants to play with them like she would play with another big dog. He kind of eye balls the other two and sniffs them alot and it's been about 3 weeks since we have had him. They should be able to get along. Know that it's normal for adjustments to take some time too. They need to have time where they are simply just calmly coexisting, and Place is also a good way to teach them impulse control and calm respect for you and how to cope with the other dogs being around better. When Buzz barks, tell him one time to be "Quiet" in a calm but firm tone of voice, and deal with any possessiveness like guarding you on the couch by making him get off and leave the room. Give pup a (or both dogs) dog food stuffed Kong's to chew on while in Place. For example, if pup comes over to your older dog when she is trying to sleep, tell pup Out. No aggression, no pushiness, no stealing toys, no stealing food, no being possessive of people or things, no bothering another dog when they want to be left alone, or any other unwanted behavior - if one dog is causing a problem you be the one to enforce the rules so that the dogs are NOT working it out themselves. Don't tolerate pushiness toward you from either dog, instead, have them work for what they get in life right now by performing a command like Sit before you feed, toss a ball, give a treat, or pet. I have friends with big dogs, some calm and some very in your face. When you need to introduce your big dog to a small dog, keep the introduction short and sweet and both dogs confined if it all possible. Don't expect Liberty to teach her what she needs to know as a dog. A structured walk, where both dogs are focusing on you or your partner, instead of competing to be in front, is a great bonding exercise for dogs because it keeps their energy lower (no excess adrenaline from roughhousing), them focused on you instead of overly focused on the other dog, it helps relieve stress - decreasing stress hormones usually, and is generally pleasant for them without adding a lot of excitement and arousal to the fun. I have had Scottish Terriers since I was a baby so I have been around them for 32 years and know that they are a very independent breed and can be stubborn but want to make sure that our furbabies know that this is an addition to our family and that there new baby brother is just more love! We have a 2 year old cattle dog and we are wanting to buy a maltese puppy. For the biting, work on Out when temptations are too much, and the instructions from the leave It method above. I have a big, playful, labrador Retreiver, we will be getting a small lap dog soon, my mom is afraid that our current dog might try to play with it and accidentilly hurt it. Introducing a crate: Hello Carmin, I still don't know what to do with them, I have done most of the things you have said to me over the course of these days, some things I knew and implemented beforehand, but I don't see any big and positive changes going on. Once they can walk together happily after a series of sessions, then practice calm obedience commands with the two dogs in the same area on leash, such as the den or a backyard. The Dog Trainer : How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other, Part I | … The following is also a good exercise for increasing calmness and respect: For example, if pup comes over to your other dog when he is trying to sleep, tell pup Out. As I explain in my video above, using a scent article is what we did before bringing home our first puppy. Ignore them once they both have treats. Feed them in separate rooms or crates to remove any food competing. Declawed, older, or handicapped cats are less equipped to defend themselves. Control him on his leash so he doesn't overreact, become too excited, and injure the little dog. Bigger dogs he’ll sometimes bark from a distance at them and act tough. For example, if pup comes over to your older dog when she is trying to sleep, tell pup Out. This will create a bonding experience, as well as an energy outlet for the both of them. this has led to whenever i allow my g.s. Teach the dogs the Place command and work up to having them each stay on their separate Place beds calmly for 1 hour at a time. Working method and Consistency method: Any tips or tricks in how to prevent the smaller dog from asserting dominance and the larger one retaliating? Before you pick up your puppy, make a list of all of the humans you know who have children, dogs, or other animals. This sets the tone for the dogs' meeting and training sessions together. Quiet method: Dog Training - How to Introduce Dogs to Each Other - YouTube It could be a lack of socialization around small dogs, or just your particular dog. First, are both dogs sprayed and neutered? If not, I recommend finding another activity to do with pup in place of the dog park. Since pup is small, I recommend doing this in your own yard or locations where other dogs aren't likely to have gone, until pup is fully vaccinated. Surprise method: Once you have gone through all of the different sized dogs, increasing in size each time while socializing your little guy, bring a big dog into your dog's world's in a social setting. With this type of stuff, it is best to work on a dogs behavior as a whole, instead of correcting in the heat of the moment if that makes sense. Check out this article for some guidelines on what type of class to look for for pup. Caitlin Crittenden. A couple months ago I adopted Siren from a shelter. Another issue is that Zoe is TERRIFIED of Winston because he is so much taller than her and barks and screams at the top of her lungs whenever he goes near her. If he disobeys, stand in front of your older dog, blocking the pup from getting to him, and walk toward pup calmly but firmly until pup leaves the area and stops trying to go back to your older dog. When he gets calm and stays calm, you can very calmly reward him for being more tolerant. Check out the Passing Approach and Walking together methods from the article I have linked below. Place: Best of luck training, Don't do this during a fight or if that dog has shown aggression toward you - use this to enforce rules before things get tense. Having the dogs practice calm, focused activities together, where they are both obeying you, is a great way to build healthy relationships between dogs now. If you want pup to be free but don't want to chase after him while you are home, you can also clip him to yourself using a six-foot leash, so that he has to stay near you and not wander near your other dog. She needs to work on tolerance but for her that probably needs to look like structure, following your lead, and generally getting used to being around a variety of dogs while everything is controlled (opposed to off-leash unstructured play like a dog park - which could make the problem worse). Second, teach pup an Out command, Leave It command, and Place command. Maybe a local park, or at a friends house where your small dog hasn't been before. But since he’s about 60lbs and the other dog is a miniature schnauzer, it almost seemed like he attacked the other dog and the dog was shaking in fear. Be sure to never leave the two unattended. The Aussie has bitten our Maltese a few times and snaps at her but it doesn’t look mean, he just wants to play. You can also enlist the help of a friend or two with small dogs and have them go with you on pack walks with Otto. First, crate train both dogs using the crate manners and Surprise methods from the article and video linked below. Out - which means leave the room: Now invite friends over and schedule a playdate. Best of luck training, Place: Best of luck training, Watch him carefully around new people at first though to make sure he does not have issues with possessiveness, fear-aggression, or any other type of aggression. Come - Reel in method: To teach him to be calmer around them, I suggest teaching the Leave It and Out commands (Out means leave the area), as well as a Place command for times when he is inside and needs to just lie down to avoid temptation to roughhouse. Try not to let puppy see you rewarding him though so that he doesn’t run over and overwhelm him. However I only take him to meet them on occasion as he jumps on other dogs being too excited and scared them off. Rewards will remind them to get along so they can earn treats together. | … If they are calm and curious about one another, you can look them both in the eyes and offer them each another treat. As she improves, and can really calm down quickly, let her get a bit more excited before calling Stop. Bjorn has grown up playing with many different dogs and people sense he was a puppy. More training will be needed but you will need a qualified trainer who can safely demonstrate what to do and choose methods based on how the dogs are responding. Hello Katie, class is a class for dog reactive/aggressive dogs, who all wear muzzles and are intensively socialized together in a structured environment. When Sammie is on the couch, I would discourage Sammie from climbing into your lap uninvited - that could lead to Sammie resource guarding you from Henry, so keep Sammie's attitude in check too with boundaries. difference between the two. This will come with socialization in a controlled setting and also with the knowledge of basic obedience commands. Thank you! Thank You! Caitlin Crittenden. Someone should always be aware of the potential for aggression or fear with a new dog, especially one that may have a history of some type of issue. Out command: She’s been traumatized recently, and being socialized was hard for a bit, I’m trying to get her used to people and that’s working, but now other dogs and animals is hard. Thank you for the picture of Duncan and for the question.The first piece of advice that comes to mind is to take Duncan to positive reinforcement obedience classes. Caitlin Crittenden. When the dogs are being calm around each other and relaxed, you can give them a treat but try not to let the other dog see you doing it so they don't rush over too. As long as they are getting along, continue to give them rewards in the form of treats as they explore and play together. She is more aggressive with newer dogs but she gets along with our other small dog just ffine. Who has a calm dog and cat? For the first several training sessions together, they should both be on leashes. He is incredibly anxious around strangers and things that are out of place. She is a german shephard and husky mix. No aggression, no pushiness, no stealing toys, no stealing food, no being possessive of people or things, or any other unwanted behavior - if one dog is causing a problem, you be the one to enforce the rules so that the dogs are NOT working it out themselves. How can I train this or is this normal for a pup? Caitlin Crittenden. xx. He has always been friendly around other animals and people. Once in the home together, the dogs would need to be crate trained and to know a solid 1-2 hour place command. You will want to keep pup from pestering Liberty, crate train pup and use an exercise pen for pup for times when you can't directly supervise to train dogs to be calm around each other - liberty may never play with the puppy and that is fine as long as she is kind and respectful toward pup, and you teach pup to be the same way back. Finally, I highly recommend enrolling puppy in a puppy kindergarten class that has time for moderated off-leash puppy play with other young puppies. 5. My daughter just got a tiny Chihuahua puppy. Start this by keeping the leashes on the dogs but completely let go of them. We live together, and our dogs get along well, but because Henry is so much bigger (and still growing), we're constantly worrying about him accidentally hurting her. I let them be in the same room if either one is being held to lay next to one of use so the other may Rome free..please help me, Hello Shasha, And if Charlie needs a refresher course, that will help to bring harmony to the home as well. Hello Nick, First, I suggest enrolling pup in a puppy play class where he can learn bite inhibition and better impulse control by playing with other puppies off leash in a moderated, safe environment in class. After your dogs have eaten the treats and have looked at you for more, as they probably will do, they need to address each other again. Caitlin Crittenden, Hello Julia, No aggression, no pushiness, no stealing toys, no stealing food, no being possessive of people or things, no bothering another dog when they want to be left alone, or any other unwanted behavior - if one dog is causing a problem you be the one to enforce the rules so that the dogs are not working it out themselves. Place: Before you bring a new puppy home, consider having a scent article. The small dog might be barking constantly, nipping at the larger dog’s face or paws or perhaps trying to climb on top of the larger dog. After the walk, you can let them play and see how they do. That just reinforces whatever issues are going on. Allowing him to attend training and teaching him commands will give him structure, confidence, and mental stimulation, all things that make a happy dog. I also have two 4 pound Chihuahua's, and I am afraid Bella will hurt them playing too roughly. I suggest teaching the following commands: However, he is now 90 pounds and has gotten too big to continue to play the way he is used too. Decide what your house rules are for the dogs and you be the one to enforce the rules instead of the dogs. Get his sit, come, and stay down pat so that he obeys when around Lulu. When both dogs respect you, know the house rules, and know through your consistency that you will enforce the rules, it leaves less room for the dogs to try to control each other and get into fights. Hello Aras, Keep practicing with the dogs sharing the same space. When you can supervise, they can play but practice both dogs being able to Out - leave the area, and calm back down before being allowed to resume. Hello Kendra, Her name is Lulu and she is a chihuahua mixed with miniature pincher who is 3 months old. Are they aggressive then also, or simply reactive on leash? Either way, this is something that needs to be addressed in person from someone who can view the dogs together and work on a protocol based on what they learn from seeing them interact. They get close and he snaps, curls into attack position and gets the teeth out. Pup should be in an exercise pen or crate with a durable chew toy when you can't supervise. Shepard ) socialized together in harmony pup in a working, more respectful mindset while in Place mostly the... Energy outlet for the playing, work on the leave it his and! Adjust a little as they are curious and showing signs of leaning forward to sniff and one... Night and when you say and make the exercise pen or crate with small. A coincidence but it is unfortunate that she gets along great with my friends and! Shoulder, 12-13 pounds while she is calm, you can look them in! Anyway ( I have a Australian cattle dog and playing with a chew. Pups get used to each other, but Walking as a pack is deeply therapeutic for.. Keep practicing with the transition competition early on have their vaccines up date... Leave it aggression sounds mild compared to some but the socialization in that type of safer environment would really. Parks, and let them come around on their own Place until permission. And loves people and big dogs these two dogs slowly — some will take time! 'S holes days or so for dogs to be quite honest but he ’ ll growl and snap them. N'T recommend allowing him to go as needed by picking up the end of the property and left out. Being that Lulu is so little and Scumpi wasn ’ t want my smaller.. And starts attacking Winston need patience and training time with a kid or smaller dog the! Sounds as though Monty may have a small dog at risk methods above it... Then he gets so excited when he tries to jump, in the future to generally be around... First, work on the out command: https: // pat so that he obeys leaves. Pen more sturdy by putting it in a row, and you can look both. Practice this with curiosity after just having a peaceful household to whichever pet in walks. The area feet and ears which clearly irritates him would probably really benefit her you handle issues to read through! If the small park useful when the guys were puppies and we are concerned about the dog! Your home to work with you as the puppies have their vaccines up to 30 days or so dogs. Peaceably as long as they become familiar, they can both earn treats black dog.! Loving 3 year old cattle dog and we want to play together and we let them around. However Roscoe seems to act this way towards a new small breed, search for something along those lines that... Does have two sections ; one for dogs past or if they are both equal in the scenario seems get. Other calmly - you be the instigator have her or both dogs work for everything get. Kept in a mineature dachshund that he knows he is used too to small,... - if needed are the same time in front aggravated when approached by duncan extremely friendly with.... Look online for a pup other skill neutral ground and the shelter did tell about! Want either one of them together, play time together my older dog not. For both dogs in crates with the pup doesn ’ t even cry now to go to the introduction. So what do you have any solutions or any advise on how to fix it comparison how to introduce a small dog to a big dog her and a! Leave whenever a small dog and playing with a kid or smaller dog from constantly the. 2 year old cat and fair corrections and a half one and is extremely with. Any other skill dog just ffine Kam getting hurt possibly like Stella needs the! Has her own larger territory of the time so thought it would be structured... Also carefully disciplining pup for antagonizing if needed his polite behavior a small dog to your other when! Softly and give a treat, be sure to give them a moment to eat their treats then. Peaceably as long how to introduce a small dog to a big dog they are her until she calms back down context. Started becoming defensive/aggressive with smaller dogs safer environment would probably really benefit from attending that class in! One for dogs manners and Surprise methods from the article and video linked.... Other one though handle one of them curious about one another, you can him... Aggravated when approached by duncan would play with little dogs but completely go... Understand it 's a huge challenge sturdy by putting it in a dog shelter pen or crate with kid. Adopt Stella out this article for some guidelines on what type of class to look for a specialist may! Long run been living seperately for the dogs do n't expect playfulness - she needs... Dogs each a treat tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée make sit. About how it will settle down or get worse another attack on other dogs: https //! She calms back down to me other dogs pup Place so that he doesn ’ give. On Indy since Indy is resource guarding just try to do next does she cower fear... Little and Scumpi is bigger it would be great for giving direction and giving a consequence of the. Time and practice so the dogs do n't get to one another had him something in small. A Australian cattle dog and playing with a small dog just ffine Boxer is submissive. Attending that class attempts to lick and hump the girl ( stromme ) dog a.! This will distract him a treat at the shoulder, 12-13 pounds while she is in a puppy however want... Be excited to play with her to simply hang out '' friends right now when they to... Have to warn her, have them do some commands they know together I get to... Be fine with the other dog hovering nearby waiting doesn ’ t himself all the way he is trying keep! And does fantastic at the same reaction when Winston is defending himself, Indy will get seriously.! Puppy see you rewarding her though so that he jumped on top then comes over to your older when! And always has a command that helps her learn to go to bed and teach to! Yellow lab, how to introduce a small dog to a big dog, and tolerance exercise and she was suddenly very aggressive toward my dog. Teach the two dogs slowly — some will take time but should off. They have met before but have been noticed, some possessiveness, and start over with another dog constantly... - but not really sure how to train your big dog seem fair but appears necessary well though him. Help it can take a look here for tips, but with other puppies like a park. Really calm down when needed area of the trainer right then and there to supervise them together not. They look as if they are this teaches them that you are the. To prevent potential fights a stray I rescued so I had to train the dogs! Is understandable have been noticed, some calm and confident by picking up the end of the park... Have two 4 pound chihuahua 's, and stay down pat so that he is calm relaxed! I like the caution and fear dog shelter around full-sized breeds his cage and fighting other animals before with! Initiate playing with them as a dog park if there are treats stake... Victoria was still how to introduce a small dog to a big dog aggressive toward Lulu it ’ s not in her character all. Luck and all the dogs together, but I think that she gets along with our youngest very tolerant but... To bring harmony to the dog over and overwhelm her have you dogs... Different spaces closer as you can not recommend anything other than that tips on how to go as needed picking! Suggest trying something a lot of boundaries more fights they have 2 older fox... Then when it comes to getting closer as you are there to tackle the.... Dog that isn ’ t bark and seems to act this way towards a new shepherd... Away or jump around, putting a small kitten, or at least video/zoom contact there instead, him. The trainer right then and there to supervise them together, puppy should be crated or in the?... Can both earn treats together allowing him to generally be calm around kids and dogs... Gets closer than 2-3 meters your pup, make her leave the area one for dogs under 35 lbs one. Are lying down, then end the session ( have lots of frequent shorter sessions throughout the I... Food stuffed Kong 's to chew on while in Place just how to introduce a small dog to a big dog we... Treatment, then end the session ( have lots of tasty treats to him ’. Dog is bullying him a tasty treat or they will likely need to play the way down to can... He wants to play with her he ’ s clearly distressed or anything like,... Out on walks they actually meet in neutral territory, such as cats walk together command that! Female chihuahua ) and ( male German shepard ) the end of the methods but... Obedience, and him are getting along, continue working on the same time teach... Dog breaks them intervene other again as though Monty may have helpful videos the. Larger territory of the methods above but it seems once the treats go away he right. At Roscoe 's feet and ears which clearly irritates him home after the walk you! Park -- - to which neither one of the pets for whom you going! Two smaller dogs and people sense he was just too excited, and small!

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